Leaves of Change

Web Design, Branding, UX Research
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Project Overview
Leaves of Change is a luxury cannabis franchise that focuses on providing immersive experiences for events and private functions with a strong emphasis on the Social Injustice impact that the criminalization of cannabis has had on minority communities.
The client approached us with merely a concept, a mobile cannabis service where people can book it for events and weddings. Our client was aware of cannabis - discrimination those who have a higher chance of being arrested, the minorities, especially people of color. She wished to emphasize this social injustice issue alongside the pro-cannabis movement by educating the public. To incorporate our client’s goals, our team was tasked to design a website, establish brand identity and define MVP (Most Valuable Product) with limited directions given.

Target users: weddings and events planners
Project Plan
My Role
• Lead information architect: responsible for information hierarchy and feature inventory
• Design: I owned the design of lo-fi, mid-fi and hi-fi wireframes. Also contributed in establishing brand identity
• Prototyping: I built the lo-fi and hi-fi interactive prototype on Figma Usability testing: I conducted the test on both prototypes and applied iterations reflecting to users’ feedbacks
• Research: I contributed in user interview, affinity mapping and persona development.
• Team: 4 UX designer across 3 time zones worked in a remote setting
• Duration: 2.5 weeks  
• Tools: Sketch, Figma, Miro, Zoom
• Design Practices: User Interview, C&C Analysis, Feature Analysis, Affinity Mapping, Persona Development, Problem Statement, User-Flow, Journey Map, Mood-Board, Sketching, Wireframes, Prototyping, Usability Testing & Iteration
My Role
User Research: Conducted interviews, analyzed findings, persona & journey map

Sketches: brainstormed solutions & ideated lo-fi wire frame

Prototyping: designed & created mid-fi prototype

Usability Test: tested overall user flow, identified findings & problems for iteration
Team: 4 UX designer across 3 time zones worked in a remote setting

Duration: 2 weeks  

Tools: Sketch, Figma, Miro, Zoom
Research & Synthesis
User Research
To gain insights of user’s opinions, behaviors and frustrations related to cannabis products and services from an event planner’s perspective.  

User interview via Zoom. The participants must be 21yr or older, interested in cannabis and potential event / wedding planners

7/8 of our interviewee's consumed cannabis and enjoyed It in a social setting. Many of the participants had limited knowledge of the cannabis products they consumed. The biggest concern regarding providing cannabis at an event was liability, as the laws are so different depending on where are located.
"I prefer to have cannabis over alcohol at an event."
"I am concerned by liability issues having cannabis at an event."
"My knowledge of cannabis is limited."
"I would enjoy cannabis at the right social setting."
User quotes from the interview
User's Needs, Goals, Behaviors and Frustration
"Cannabis should be at more events, why isn't it?"
Erin, Event Planner
• enjoys and open to cannabis consumption in various ways
• Actively interact with events community
Needs & Goals
• Provides luxury oriented cannabis experience for her attendees
• liability issue
• Finding the right audience- lack of experience in cannabis industry
Problem Statement:
Erin needs to provide a safe, informative and elegant cannabis experience at her events because she has seen a market for it and wants to give attendees an alternative to alcohol.
How we might:
• Build the bridge between event planning and cannabis industry.
• Provide knowledge along with the cannabis experience.
• Provide her with an experience that fits her more luxurious events.

Ideation & Iteration
We created a mood board in a design session.

We decided to use marble as the theme; teal, black & gold as the main color, and to represent the brand.

Our visions was to emphasize the elements of "elegance".
We noticed many users addressed concerns with legality issue regards cannabis-use during the interviews. Therefore, we wanted to build out an FAQ page with an easy access to information.
Lo - fi Wireframes
Usability Testing with Lo-Fi Prototype
To understand how users navigate through the website
• Findings & Iteration:
Users had to browse around to look for specific services on our "services" page. therefore, we added a secondary navigation bar.  
Mid - fi Wireframes
The team decided to the change the background to a dark color, switching from light mode to dark mode. It added more contrast to the site where the color gold stood out more.
Hi - Fi Wireframes
Usability Testing with Hi-fi Prototype
1) To understand how users navigate through the website
2) To understand how users perceive the brand
3) To identify accessibility issue on content-heavy pages
• Findings & Iteration:
We found that the user confused the arrow (triangle) icon as a drop-down option. So we change the icon to plus (+) and minus (-)
Hi-Fi Prototype
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Next Steps
Lesson Learned